Thursday, August 7, 2014

AMATERASU ~ Aromatic Muse Perfume Potion / August 2014 / Shimmering Evening Primrose, Rosewood, Rose, Rose Geranium & specialty oils


Aromatic Muse Perfume Potion 

August 2014

rose of the many kinds make a woman glow

Evening Primrose, Rosewood, Rose, Rose Geranium

in a silky pearlescent botanical treatment oil


Amaterasu is a sun goddess luxury skin treat packed with specialty oils that pamper, replenish, and protect your skin, while imparting a glowing shimmer and a delicate, apricot - like botanical fragrance.

Amaterasu is the Shinto Goddess of the Sun, who's legend reminds me to take time in the dark cave when needed, and to allow the light of bawdy laughter, spontaneous play, time in the sunshine, and sweet company to lift my spirit as well. Being August and having not one day of real summer quite yet - I hope to take this omen seriously and get a day out of time very soon.

Here is the part of her myth that captures my imagination:

"Perhaps the most celebrated myth concerning Amaterasu is when she blocked herself in a cave following an argument with Susanoo when he surprised the goddess with a monstrous flayed horse when she was quietly weaving in her palace with her younger sister Waka-hiru-me. As a consequence of Amaterasu’s disappearance the world was cast in total darkness and evil spirits ran riot over the earth. The gods tried all manner of ways to persuade the peeved goddess to leave the cave. On the advice of Omohi-Kane, cocks were set outside the cave in the hope their crows would make the goddess think that dawn had come. The gods also placed a large sakaki tree (Cleyera japonica) outside the cave and decorated it with sparkling jewels (magatama), fine white clothes and a mirror at its centre. In addition, the goddess Amenouzume (or Ama-no-Uzeme) danced so wildly in a strip-tease routine that the other gods’ uproarious laughter finally excited the curiosity of Amaterasu. Opening the blocked cave just enough to see what was going on and whilst distracted by seeing her stunning reflection in the mirror, the strong god Ame-no-tajikara-wo yanked the goddess out of the cave. Tuto-Tamu then held behind the goddess a pole of plaited straw and emphatically stated that the goddess could hide no longer and the world was once more bathed in her radiant sunlight." 

The perfume oil I composed for this potion is based in my passion for apricot kernel oil and my *favorite* hard to get rosewood essential oil which boasts a delicate gentle woodsy caress with a distinctly gorgeous apricot heart. I have synchronized them with other rose namesakes; Egyptian rose geranium, Bulgarian Rosa Damascena attar and absolutes, and a gorgeously nourishing and anti-aging Evening Primrose Co2 oil to completely indulge your skin.

To support this "rose" accord is a soft anchor of tonka bean, jasmine - sandalwood co-distillation, jasmine grandiflorum, and a few drops of liquid sunshine in the form of lemon verbena to add brightness and balance. Several other pure aromatic ingredients are tucked in as well, creating a harmonious, fresh, summery scent that is incredibly wearable and perfectly feminine.

A word about strength, sillage, and percentages for your natural perfumes.

Sillage is very soft for the Amaterasu shimmer oil. While it boasts a full 5ml of aromatics in every 2oz bottle, it is still made soft by the amount that 2 oz of base oil dilutes it. 5 ml is actually more than the amount in your usual perfume bottle - your 5ml bottle is at around 50% aromatics on average. Pure perfumes are traditionally 30% aromatics, but botanicals are often less tenacious than synthetic fragrances so I make them stronger depending on the nature of the given perfume.  
Amaterasu consists of rare and costly botanicals (making it difficult to add a considerable quantity) and while it smells *luscious*, it will not stick around as long as a pure perfume or a perfume made with commonly overpowering less expensive oils like patchouli, lemongrass, or ylang ylang would.

Which is why I couldn't help myself but to include a little vial of the pure perfume (50%) for you to enjoy, layer, and carry with you. <3

The Amaterasu shimmer oil does not contain citrus peel oils - therefore it is not considered to be photo-sensitizing. Please take care of your skin in the sun the way you usually would of course, but this oil is intended to be safe for your summer adventures.

To increase its summer effectiveness, I have also included specialty ingredients; Hypericum Co2, Calendula Co2, Hypericum infused oil, Jojoba oil, and Shea butter oil in the formula - all of which are protective and helpful in keeping the skin safe within the normal amounts of sun exposure. 
To boot, I've added a tropical twist by adding a rarely found Coconut Pulp Co2 extract!

Your skin will LOVE this shimmering, superfood perfumed oil.

The mica is skin safe mica with the highest safety rating appropriate for eyes, lips, hair, and skin. Do not apply it to delicate intimate parts, please.

Shake well before use and Enjoy!!

Amaterasu layers perfectly with Ambrosia Sunset, Vaganova, Mead, Exalt, Victorialand, Vashti, and Bluegrass.

There are two remaining bottles. You can find them listed in my Etsy shop soon.



Thursday, July 10, 2014

BLUEGRASS ~ Aromatic Muse Perfume ~ July 2014


 ~ Aromatic Muse Perfume ~ 

July 2014

Bluegrass / Sweetgrass / Clover / Hay / Lavender

The Full Buck Moon – July // July is normally the month when the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur. It was also often called the Full Thunder Moon, for the reason that thunderstorms are most frequent during this time. Another name for this month’s Moon was the Full Hay Moon.


The quintessential smell of a summer field. Of fecund meadows rolling in golden wheat and fluttering oats. Of tall, gentle stands of white and pink clover. Steady and soft, green and inviting, a daydream resting on a breeze.

Bluegrass is an homage to down home comfort music; the fiddle and the banjo, and perfectly aligned voices like Leah and Chloe of Rising Appalachia. Bluegrass invokes nostalgia and a sense of familiarity. It opens smoothly with green grassy notes and a waxy bluegrass warmth. Lavender draws you in to the reverent Sweetgrass notes in the heart of the perfume. Beeswax and Clover hold long on the skin and are simply divine throughout the wear.

This perfume smells deeply natural to me - the way my skin carries home the smell of the plants after a day of wildcrafting elder flowers and skullcap in the tallest grass on the horse farm. The way I feel loosing myself to a nap in the summer lawn when the grass has just been cut. It smells natural on the skin and is easily a beautiful androgynous scent. 

If you loved Druantia, Sastun, Witch's Talisman, and Vintage Violet, you will likely fall madly in love with Bluegrass. I love it by itself but it also layers beautifully. 
Full 5 ml bottles will be listed in the shop next week, for now sample vials are available by request when you place an order through the Etsy shop.

To summer!



Tuesday, June 10, 2014

EXALT :: NEROLI / Aromatic Muse Perfume June 2014 / with Matching Neroli Green Tea Beauty Tonic


/ Aromatic Muse Perfume & Skin Elixir June 2014 / 



An indulgent, exalted Neroli perfume crafted with Artisanal botanical extracts and exquisite botanical aromatics.


EXALT begins with a clean and certain Neroli blossom with balanced accents of bitter and sweet brought out by Meyer Lemon leading a citrus peel accord. 

Green Tea plays a key role throughout the perfume's evolution, but is not like a soapy commercial green tea fragrance at all. It is a soft, dry, very lovely and sophisticated tea note aromatic playing an alchemical role with the Neroli.

Soon opening up like a fine Chardonnay on a summer afternoon, notes of Grapefruit, Orange blossom absolute, fig-like Tobacco, Poplar bud, Vanilla, Frankincense, aged Oak barrels, and the subtle strength of a touch of roses to bridge the heart of the perfume.

A sexy, intimate drydown of Sandalwood incense, Cypriol, and dark Cocoa offer passionate caresses that make a perfect ambrosia before drifting off to sleep. Afterglow, if you will.

This pure perfume strength botanical fragrance is perfect for early summer evenings, opening bright, joyful, and radiant, evolving slowly into a deeply sensual, close wearing perfume later in the night. Lasing time is about 2 - 6 hours depending on application quantity and body chemistry.

It contains citrus peel essential oils so please note that it should not be applied to areas that will be exposed to direct sunlight. Instead, apply to long hair (not scalp) or to dark colored clothing such as denim. 
Do not apply to broken skin, and a patch test before wearing fully is always wise. A few samples are available.



Limited Edition Beauty Tonic Elixir

A concentrated skin toning and anti-aging potion based on the Exalt perfume, including just the most important aromatics for skin care properties and soothing effect. French and Egyptian Neroli, Green Tea, Mysore Sandalwood, Somalian Frankincense and a touch of Turkish Rose otto. 

Held in a unique humectant and emollient base of handcrafted white rose elixir, hazelnut oil, vanilla and poplar bud extracts, a touch of vegetable glycerin, jojoba oil, and coconut oil for an extraordinary dewy smooth experience that goes on glossy and soaks in like satin. It feels like a perfumed face polish to me.

I desired the smell of Exalt nice and close to my nose, as well as a youthful tonic for my skin that helps retain moisture during the night and underneath my makeup to prevent dry spots and could also easily layer with my beauty oils or cream. This potion makes me feel radiant and hydrated. 

I have not employed the use of forceful (and often times sticky) emulsifiers - simply shake before use and enjoy.

Please note this potion does contain some measure of alcohol in the form of the botanical extracts. You may wish to purchase a sample first to see if it is compatible with your skin.

I have also assembled a special edition set:


Friday, May 9, 2014

HUMMINGBIRD GARDEN ~ Aromatic Muse Perfume May 2014 ~ An Herbal Fruity - Floral Celebration



Botanical Perfume Oil

{An Aromatic Muse Composition, May 2014}

Float through the garden of early summer herbs, fruits, and flowers, diving into the center of the universe for sweetness, sustenance, and intoxicating sensation. 

Dip into the celebration of Bee Balm, surrender to the refreshing goosebumps of Lemon Verbena and Melissa, brush your skin along the freshly opening Honeysuckle vines and champagne suggestions of an afternoon garden rain - when the new water mixes with sun rays releasing the vibrant kaleidoscope of your surrounding bounty. Blooms are popping up everywhere and the hummingbird wastes no time.

Nuances of Hibiscus and Blood Orange please with a sight tang, followed by lush herbs intermingling. Edgy Sweet Flag and subtle cherry notes of Labdanum support a rooted spring drydown of sweet earth and new plants ready to be added to the soil.

Hummingbird Garden is a celebration of the seasons and an invitation to enjoy the nectar of life.

In addition to being emotionally uplifting, this is also a medicinal perfume; providing volatile oils that awaken the immune system and ward off viruses and bacteria, similar to how the old fashioned posies or tussie-mussies functioned. A very pleasurable way to keep healthy as the seasons turn, as you travel on vacation, or take care of others who may be under the weather.

Hummingbirds are delicate creatures that require frequent hydration, plenty of natural clean nectar and water sources, and plenty of hiding places. When we do have the chance to enjoy their exquisite and inspiring beauty, we can revel in the delicacy of nature and be reminded to protect our tenderness, nourish our senses, and meditate deeply when we need to conserve creative energy.

Hummingbirds enjoy tubular shaped flowers and are particularly fond of the color red. To attract hummingbirds, plant trumpet vines, red bee balm, and cardinal flowers. 


Prominent notes: 

Top: Verbena, Melissa, Silver Fir, Magnolia, Honeysuckle, Blood Orange, Pink Pepper

Middle: Marigold, Orange Blossom, Chamomile, Rose, Marjoram, Howood

Bottom: Labdanum, Sweet Flag, Tobacco, Ambrette, Spikenard, Davana, Basil, Ginger, Honey


Hummingbird Garden Perfume is available HERE in the etsy shop.
and there are also samples listed



Please patch test before use. If slight irritation occurs, you may try a second patch test using a gentle salve applied first. Otherwise, use indirectly by applying to hair, jeans, jewelry, or using an aromatherapy necklace.

External Use Only.

Contains citrus oils which should not be worn in direct sunlight (can be photosensitising) - apply to areas that will be guarded from rays or wear when not in the sun.

Store out of light and heat.

All Amrita Aromatics creations are 100% Natural. No synthetics or isolates used, ever. 




Wednesday, April 9, 2014

CAESURA ~ April 2014 Aromatic Muse Perfume ~ Mate & Masala, a Tibetan Tea House Scent.


:: April 2014 Aromatic Muse Perfume ::

Mate & Masala, a Tibetan Tea House Scent. A Reason to Pause.


cae·su·ra noun \si-ˈzyu̇r-ə, -ˈzhu̇r-\
plural cae·suras or cae·su·rae


1: in modern prosody :  a usually rhetorical break in the flow of sound in the middle of a line of verse

2: Greek & Latin prosody :  a break in the flow of sound in a verse caused by the ending of a word within a foot

3:  break, interruption

4:  a pause marking a rhythmic point of division in a melody
— cae·su·ral  adjective

Origin of CAESURA: Late Latin, from Latin, act of cutting, from caedere to cut
First Known Use: 1556

Photo: Marlaina Donato

Caesura opens upon entering the sacred tea house on the top of Mt. Huashan. After an exhilarating ascent scaling the vertical rocks and meeting the skyline of the Gods, we arrive at our reward: a pause for tea in heaven.

The breeze is infused with volatile oils rising from the tables, and the glowing scent of early afternoon awakens the spirit. Mingling Bergamot, Masala spices, Saffron, Cardamom, and Yerba Mate are comforting and alluring.

Photo: Marlaina Donato

As deep conversation ensues over a second pouring of tea, relieved from the rush of everyday life, we find ourselves steeped in philosophical conversation, relaxed nerves, harmonious company, and richly treated senses. 

A decadent heart of Jasmine, Opopanox, Rose, Violet and Juniper weave seamlessly throughout the center.

The strongest of teas slightly over steeped grace the last sips. A dry finish lingers softly, imprinting memories of an unforgettable soul journey. 

True Mysore Sandalwood, Haitian Vetiver, Orris Root, Tea leaf dregs and faint reminders of spices and twigs hold you close as you carefully descend the mountain.

Caesura layers especially well with membership perfumes: Sastun, Ometepe, Vetiver-Cocoa, and Vintage Violet. It also layers well with single note vanilla if you keep your own essential oils.

It is 'pure parfum' strength: a 35% aromatics to base ratio. With this perfume, it is a lovely strength because you can wear as little or as much as you want, depending on your preference or occasion. Apply with glass wand, or with the open bottle top for a generous dose, but be careful, it is spillable!  
Caesura is perfect for day or evening wear.

Perfume family: Floral Gourmand, Tea

Sillage: 1-6 hours depending on application

There are three remaining, listed in the shop. Be aware I will remove the listings if new members subscribe.

and a few samples:


Photo: Marlaina Donato



Wednesday, March 12, 2014

VASHTI ~ A Lotus Crochet Perfume & Pouch Collaboration: Pink Lotus. Nigella. Carnation. Petitgrain. with matching cuticle balm. AROMATIC MUSE MARCH 2014



A Designer Crochet Perfume & Handcrafted Pouch: 

Pink Lotus. Nigella. Carnation. Petitgrain. 

.Lotus Yarn.

...with Matching Cuticle Balm...

Vashti begins with a clear, graceful opening of Petitgrain & Bergamot accord to refresh the spirit and inspire. It is followed by a nuanced, complex, subtle heart of Nigella, Carnation, Acacia & Lavender Honey Absolutes, and a melody of botanicals with honey notes, herbal whims, aquatic suggestions, and intriguing softness.
Drying down into the Pink Lotus roots of the perfume, Vashti unfurls and evolves into a meditative zone - where creativity flourishes and beautiful things effortlessly manifest. 

Vashti perfume is about the creative process. It is about yarn. It is about texture and patterns. It is a companion perfume to your Muse. A date with tapping the creative sap welling up in your being. 
It is the smell of new wet earth emerging in spring.

And it is about Vashti.

Vashti is like a blue topaz, a poem, fine sparkling champagne with a shot of damiana cordial. She is also wickedly fierce, authentic, articulate, and free spirited. She has been an inspiration to me since I was in my early teens. This year it is an honor and delight to feature her work and to thank her for her presence - and so we have the Vashti perfume.

I may not want to you know this, but my teen years were a bit, um, tumultuous. I lived with my mama and we needed a house mate to help rent our space. Vashti soon decorated her lair with flowing blue silk scarves, sacred beads, witch books, and turned her space into an enchanted altar. I was mesmerized.

She kept a jewelry place in her closet ... and on it was a tiny vial of lavender flowers, soaking in almond oil.
You can bet I was curious:    wait what? Perfume oil by soaking plants?! Oh my.

So many moments like this - seminal realizations of a more sensual, connected life - a life of plant potions and magic!
Of hope and emotional growth.

Soon I was extracting reading material (Starhawk!) from her repertoire and observing her impeccable herbal journaling notes. Her handwriting is like fine lace.

Soon, the three of us were all working in the same health food store (Vashti, my mom, and me). They worked in the herb section .... delving into every possible herb and herbal remedy they could. They would bring home Ayurvedic herbs, Chinese herbs, and European herbs to experiment with. We had a continual pot on the stove - where a brew created by one of us always simmered.

We would convene in the kitchen and compare our tasting notes on Dong Quai Gin, on the tastes of schizandra, and just how much stevia to add. We made love potions and rolled our own gotu kola and mint herbal smokes and sacredly - mischievously - enjoyed them together. My friends affectionately called them potpourri joints.

This was a solid beginning to my potion making journey. (beyond the child-play of mixing grass and mud and apple blossoms in the park) I started my own herbal journals and later continued learning more preparations and herbs from my mother. It was also the beginning of my spiritual growth beyond what I had learned in the Vedic community.

I was inspired to listen to my body, to my inner wisdom, and to the magic of the plant world. This knowledge and early inspiration is the 80% Nettle Fiber of my being. 

And there are many more stories I have not space for .... the music (Pretenders, Prince, The Cure), the love lives (and the angry neighbors), the back porch water fights, the trip to Chicago where I wore a completely inappropriate dress to a wedding. The smell of Eucalyptus oil and Summer Iowa thunderstorms. Wild Yam. 

Giant bowls of Rosewater whipped cream.

Vashti has since become an award winning (genius) crochet designer. I have seen those fingers twirl yarn into mathematical spells and it's astonishing! 
She has an impressive resume, a bank of designs in publications and online for you, as well as her newly launched LOTUS YARN ... which is designed and crocheted into your perfume pouch by Vashti herself, in Satin Grey.

If you love yarn, creative people, and crocheting, follow Vashti.

When I asked her what kind of perfume would most accurately portray her spirit, she didn't hesitate to tell me of her connection with lotus. I was thrilled - I have worked with lotus before (Nymphaea, Blue Tara) and have been wanting to create a new one based on Pink Lotus, Carnation, and Nigella.

Pink Lotus seems to suggest to people a bright, fruity-clean smell. In fact, it is not like that at all. It is more like dirty honey. It is subdued, unusual, polleny, textured, slightly aquatic, and slightly rooty. There are sweet earth notes to it, but waxy and hums in a lower key, so to speak, than a rose or neroli might. It responds well to creamy notes, florals, honey, fruits, and herbs, and can be a bit of a chameleon in perfume compositions. The process of smelling this perfume as it evolved and came together was incredibly fascinating.

Carnation is also a similar type aroma, but a little more tenacious and also doesn't really smell like a carnation in its flower phase where it's like clove scented soda. But the honey notes are significant and paired perfectly with the pink lotus and linden blossom included. Nigella added a fruity twist to the foundation of the perfume - not turning it into a fruit perfume but rather augmenting the unique layers of the heart notes and supporting the transition from the petitgrain/bergamot opening into the evolution of wear.

Inside this perfume there are many precious oils, one being an exquisite China Tea Rose that nearly brought tears to my eyes. You may not smell the rose notes exactly .... but it's presence in the perfume created a roundness that was key. Another magic moment in this perfume is a tiny touch of Violet leaf - which surprised me in its ability to buoy a creamy, borderline heavy base, without imposing its grassy voice. 

With these tricky ingredients and more elaborate packaging, I can say I have spent the most time on this perfume and set than any other. I hope it will resonate richly with the infused love and attention.
And since her hands are the weavers of her work, she suggested a matching cuticle balm to care for her fingers and nails. *Perfect. So in conjunction to the perfume, we have a matching nourishing balm for your crocheting (or knitting) fingers. Something to gently scent your skin, heal your cuticles, feed your cells, and be perfectly compatible with your yarn. Herbal oils soothe, and the natural lanolin penetrates all layers of your skin while imparting the nostalgic faint smell of hand spun wool.

Wearing this perfume as I write, I feel a pipeline to my creative feminine nature and I feel supported and held by the whispers of aromatic poetry and dance on my skin. And I am somewhat addictively smelling my wrists.

Vashti perfume is a light to medium tenacity botanical perfume. you may expect about 1-3 hours of close to the body intimate enjoyment. Re-apply as desired, and some natural settling of aromatic material to the bottom of the bottle in this whole, unfiltered perfume is normal.

It also naturally has a little bit of pollen color to it - take care if wearing white or light colored clothing (or anointing your yarn project) as it may stain.

Unfortunately there are no samples available for this perfume or balm as I was only able to create a very limited quantity due to the ingredients.

If you were a lover of my Vaganova, Nymphaea, Tilia's Song, or Ometepe, perfumes, you will quite likely adore Vashti.

I hope that some of you will enjoy wearing this during a spell of crocheting or knitting, too.

Thank you Vashti - for being you. A beacon and role model of magic, hope, beauty, creativity, and wonder for me.


Find your Limited Edition 2014 VASHTI Perfume and cuticle balm set HERE SOON.



Professional photography by Marlaina Donato