The Aromatic Muse Perfume of the Month Membership

Amrita Aromatics Presents:

~ The Aromatic Muse ~

:: An Olfactory Adventure ::

for you

A year in exquisite, unique natural perfumes: 

their pleasure, their guidance, their healing, and their inspirations.

A portal of sensory herbal healing, rooted in adoration for, and connection with, our Mother Earth.

Botanical Perfumes are the pinnacle of what I call Pleasure Medicine. 

Through scent we imprint memory, provoke change, ignite passion, and invoke magic in a pleasureful way. Through our senses and imagination we can deepen our experience of life, and connect more directly to our intuition, creativity, and spiritual source. Through somatic experience we connect on the most primal level to our bodies and the body of mother earth. We believe again that we are beautiful, worthy, and abundant, and can affect change in a powerful way. 

Botanical perfume is an aromatic mantra. Used rhythmically and intentionally, we can affirm our self-care, our self-devotion, and rebuild trust in our senses as wise informants. We create strong relationship and synergy between our guiding forces and logical brain.

By enrolling in the Aromatic Adventure, you are opening up to new possibilities of transformational healing, energy, confidence, personal power, and luscious, inspiring narrative. You will also be inviting in mystery and surprise in the form of pleasure and beauty that is the expression and pulse of Nature herself.

Enroll for the whole year, or choose the monthly pay plan. Your choice.

Each month’s aromatic treasure will be accompanied by a brief narrative sent via email. It will highlight some of the notes in the blend, the inspiration behind it, and relevant offerings and invitations of play or engagement for you to explore. Or perhaps it will offer lyrics or poetry instead.

This adventure is an experiential immersion in natural perfume as I deepen and sharpen my practice. It is your opportunity to experience exclusive, unique, thought provoking, handcrafted aromatics and their muses, and to use them to deepen your passions and your skills on a daily basis, at a discounted cost than what the perfumes will be listed for.

My perfumes have been known to span the breadth of interest; from voluptuous rose-vetiver, to chocolate ambrette accords, to bright herbal anointing blends, shamanic unguents, aromatherapy formulas, medicinal blends, and aphrodisiac oils of many variety. Every concoction is carefully handcrafted with the highest quality ingredients available to me. 

Each month you will receive one handcrafted natural perfume to awaken your senses and connect your mind, heart, and body. It will be a fragrant adventure!

In your package you might find any one of the following…..

A perfume oil roll on

An anointing oil for spiritual purposes

An alcohol based perfume extrait

A story based perfume oil

A Goddess perfume

A solid perfume

An aromatic wand (tube)

Perfume Samples or lip treat gifts

Herbal sachet adornment for your altar or drawer

Sacred Resins and herbs for burning

…….. or whatever it is that the muse speaks to me about! This is a daring journey into intuitive, couture natural perfumery at an extremely accessible price. (*size of bottle will be based on the value of the contents*)    

Why sign up?

Investing in your senses is a powerful transformational energy. It is a commitment to your health, an affirmation to your healing. But more than that it is health reached through many levels beyond logic or strategy. It is subtle yet profound, pleasurable and deeply personal. 

This membership is for you if:

You adore all things aromatic, wild, interesting, beautiful, and earthly. 
You are seeking a physical accompaniment to your daily devotions, practice, or affirmations.
You are a lover of natural perfumery or artisan herbals.
You desire to receive something special on a consistent basis.
You are an artist/writer/creatrix and desire a Muse for your imagination.
You are managing mood changes and desire aroma-therapeutic support.
You practice tantra, yoga, or shamanic healing arts. 
You desire a natural alternative to synthetic perfume.
You are embarking on a life change, transformation, or personal rite of passage.
You are undertaking a spiritual or healing study path.
You are a mother who needs something special to anchor you on a regular basis but that doesn't take up time.
You desire to cultivate more somatic wisdom and connect to your deep body wisdom.
You practice mystical arts and desire seasonal plant based scent for your altar and rituals.

This membership is not for you if: 

You are extremely picky about smells even if they are natural.
You don't like unique aromatics.
It will cause undue financial stress.
*You are in your first trimester of pregnancy or are trying to conceive and have a history of miscarriage.
*You have allergies to butters, oils, nuts/seeds, or plant essences.
You aren't ready to commit to self care or enjoyment of your senses.
You aren't comfortable with goddesses, sensual poetry, alternative or ancient spirituality, or radical thinking.

Subscribe Here:

($65.00/mo for 12 months)

~ Beauty Blessings ~

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