Simza ~ Gypsy Perfume
Vintage Violet Perfume Accessory Note
Hearth, Incense & Embers

Marzipan & Shea Cream

 Sap Moon Collection ~ Lady's Slipper Ring ~ March 2013

January Sun Collection ~ Lady's Slipper Ring ~ January 2013

Plumeria - Rose Collection. Lady's Slipper Ring, June 2013

::Praise for Medicine Woman::

"Ananda, I just arrived home from a difficult day. On my way home I stopped by my creek to visit the plants, and got to enjoy observing some very drunk robins, and watching the bees dancing around the base of the grandmother juniper. Soothing and calming. 

And then I arrived home to discover your package had arrived!! So fast! The elixir was a lovely surprise. I have been lusting after your beautiful creations for at least a year now, and finally the timing was right, and I found the perfect item in the Medicine Woman botanical perfume oil. I am sitting here, smelling myself over and over again, gentle caressing pulse points and heart chakra again and again. I just can't get enough. Thank you thank you thank you!! (oh, and it turns out one of my kitties goes CRAZY for the pine sprigs that accompanied the box!) 

I am over-the-moon happy with my purchase, it is every bit as magical as I had hoped for and pined away for all those months I could not afford the purchase!!"  -- K

"Months ago I bought some Chocolate Rose Decadent Face Cream from Ananda through her Poppy Swap store, Amrita Apothecary. Though I purchased it months ago, I just started using it this past week. WOW. Just WOW. There are so many good things in this bottle it's impossible to list them all, but what I can say is that it has done a better job of moisturizing my face than anything else, has reduced the redness, and has given my face that dewy look of a 20 year old. Ananda is an herbal goddess. Check out her stuff, you will not regret it." 

~ Kimberly C. 


Thanks for the Woodswoman's Medicine Kit! That nasty puncture wound between my toes healed up beautifully. I thought for sure it would get infected. We have put the kit into our Wilderness school's med kit too and have been using it for minor scrapes, blisters, bug bites and the like. It is amazing how many things you can use this collection for!
Thanks again. " 
~Justin P. Wilderness Instructor, Mentor

Sacred Heart Balm with Tulsi, Palo Santo, and Rose

Replenish & Repair; Lady's Slipper Member Products July 2012

Rose Elixir

Sweet Rewards Collection, Lady's Slipper Ring April 2012.
Chocolate - Rose Decadent Face Cream, Elderberry - Rose Elixir, Sacred Bath Herbs, White Sage - Blue Chamomile Skin Care Oil, Coco-Rose Lip butter tube & tin.

Karen wrote: "Ananda, I almost talked myself out of buying this face cream. No doubt it's worth every penny due to being lovingly handmade with only the finest quality ingredients. Still, for me it was a bit pricey, an indulgence that I told myself I couldn't afford. 

But seeing your photos of the cream, the sweet, delicate color of roses, & seeing the soft, creaminess of it on your fingertips, & imagining its scent of chocolate & roses, I decided that I must have it.

I was expecting something special & your cream did not disappoint, Ananda. It exceeded my expectations! The photos, good as they are, cannot do it justice. 

The moment I touched my face with this heavenly cream, smoothing on luxuriously rich, silky veils of it, I fell in love!! Enveloped in its delicious, intoxicating scent of chocolate & rose, my skin glowing & velvet, I am so glad I decided to give myself this small indulgence!! It is a little jar of romance & rapture, creating small islands of peace & pure sensual pleasure to those lucky enough to possess your magical concoction!! 

So enjoyable & therapeutic is your beautiful cream, its made me realize that I deprive myself too much of sensual pleasure, of personal pleasure, in general. I suddenly don't want to continue my sensory deprivation!! I feed my eyes with beauty & my mind with brain candy, but your cream helped me to realize that I've been neglecting other aspects of myself that need TLC! So I'm starting new rituals of self-care now that will nourish all of me, feeding ALL my senses, body, heart & soul. Your lovingly made, enriching creations are sure to be a part of this. 

I feel relaxed & pampered but enlivened, taking a little time to enjoy using your divine Decadent Face Cream. All the love, care & joy you put into its creation really do come through! Thank you for this wondrous little jar of sensual pleasure!! I'm so happy I decided that I DO deserve this small but richly nourishing indulgence!! I'll be a Decadent Face Cream customer for life & can't wait to try more of your delicious, life-enhancing goodies!" 

~Karen R., TX

(Thank you sooo much, Karen!!!!! xoxo)

Rose Facial Collection ~ Lady's Slipper Ring Feb. 2012

"Ananda offers the most amazing, brilliant and healing herbal goodness." -DWS Dec. 2011
Zoe's Treasure ~ Sensual Flower Balm
Lovers ~ Rose Perfume Collection One

"Delighted with the Collection! Can't Stop smelling myself - must be true love."  -TS, Mar. 2012

Soul Mates ~ Rose Perfume Collection Two
Cheer ~ Lady's Slipper Collection, Jan. 2012

"Love!! You must experience the beautiful green loveliness from this lady!!!" -DWS July 2011
Cicatrix Tattoo Care Set
Lakshmi's Touch Botanical Perfume Solid

"Ananda's collections are scrumptious and decadent in EVERY way!!!! Thank you!! -MD, Oct. 2011
Mountain Ceremony

"Most excellent! Thanks!" -TDF, Feb. 2012
Tulsi - Clove Lip Rouge
Artemis ~ Red Tent Temple Oil
 "Your perfumes are so exquisite! You have a gift!." -LM, Dec. 2011

Amrita & Shakti Botanical Perfumes

Morgana ~ Red Tent Temple Oil

"Absolutely beautiful in every way! Exquisite!" -MB, Jan. 2012
Persephone's Gifts ~ Lady's Slipper Collection  Nov. 2012
Willow - Rose Duet

"This collection is: Indulgence, Blessings, & Pure Sweet Sacred  Bliss!" -GR, July 2011

Temple ~ Woman's Care Collection

Enchanted Forest Duet

"The Enchanted Forest blend of Elixir.... a deep meditational walk in the Forest!" -SW, Jan. 2012

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